Vamos !!

So finally we started the road trip at the 10th of January.

We started our trip in The Netherlands with an amazing party of No Struckture , a night we sure won’t forget. I love their way of preforming and thinking. The acts , a combination of circus, fire shows and dramatic theatrical performances and formidable live sets, described in one word SPECTACLE!!

Special thanks to Bikewars for the exeptional location and the organisation as well .

Me and Nicky made some pictures and videos which you can allready enjoy on the website of No Borders Tv .

Afterwards we started our trip to France in the van with our 2 dogs. But more about that later this week .

This was the first small update of the start of an amazing adventure.


Hasta la luego


No Fences No Borders.

Today I made a decision which for me was a hard one.
Even though I have practically no money and no drivers license , and it almost seems impossible .
It’s not … After hearing my Grandpa had bone cancer (which was very recently) I feel the urge to change my life , because I myself have nothing yet I feel proud enough about to satisfy the needs I have for the inner me.
And more importantly to make his last few years , months the proudest of his life.
He told me to be good to all , to have respect for all living beings, to love someone like you love yourself , to enjoy every little thing that makes you smile , to be brave and to fight for what you want in life , and to stay strong and hold on… not giving up.
I cannot make myself nor my grandpa proud with a high degree in college like my nieces, or a high function or a grand-grand-child, because i’m just not that person, I desire more from life than a house-tree-kid-man-dog mainstream life in the same place where you lived your whole life.
Being a nomad is in my heart and blood, I have so many interests and there is just something inside me that triggers me to go further learning – study the humanlife and his dark and sunny twists , other culturals , the edge of society. I have no borders , my mind has no borders , my heart has no borders , and so I wish my life to be without borders.
Do something different or at least try to , if my plan or idea falls in deep waters it’s still not a dissapointment for me, because any way it goes I will be growing as a person and a better me.

So I’m starting a new chapter in life : “being happy and making others feel even happier or at least as happy”
This i’m going to start by traveling . I’ll be moving trough France, Spain, Gran Canaria , Tenerife.
I hope to eventually find a place where I can call myself at home and maybe stay there for a while, or go on if my heart keeps aching for more.
As we all know I have a life companion Krash(Perrito Bandito my faithful four pawed friend)
Because he gives me the purest form of love and he’s friends with everybody and extremely sweet, he’s going with me on this adventure.

Now I don’t see this as a lazyass vacation or a sabathical trip…No!
The purpose of my trip will also be : listen to people who had / have a tough life, people who got fucked by political causes , or crisis , or authorities ,… Because at this time we hear alot about the “yellow jackets”(gele hesjes,les gilets jaunes) in France , Belgium , The Netherlands and more.
People who are finally starting to realise the high powers as governments and riches , are using and abusing the “normal” citizens.
Now I want to focus myself on a category of young-adults between 21-35 years old, males or females, who are slightly more alternative or different from the rest of the crowd or as some call them ‘outcasts’.
Tell their stories and make others realise we are all the same, and most of us had or have a hard life , with an equal feeling of sadness.
With depths, with financial problems , housing problems , boycotting of social gatherings or events, no acception of society, no eating options, squatting and getting evicted from their home, etc…
In the end we are all humans , and we’re all made of the same flesh and bones .
And that should mean that we have the same rights and voice as any other human being, the same ratio of getting equaly treated, but sadly that’s not the case.

Eventually we choose ourselves how far we go in a rebellion and not believe what media and governmentally institutions tells us.
Some people are happily brainwashed, because it’s the easy way.
I can tell you in the end they don’t know what it real happiness means, and I feel incredibly sorry for those people.
So i’m writing a book/novel with an Analogic photographic collection that documents it, of the places, the people, and the problems and my own personal growth.
Next to their story, I’ll also write my subjective reflection, my point of view and how it affected it or me as a person.
To not only have a book full of sorrows and grief and rebellion , I also want these people who tell me their story, to show me or tell me the thing that thrives them , their passion , their joy !
It can be something artistic or musical , maybe their kids or their vehicles or homes whatever makes them the happiest or proudest.

Everyone who wants to share their story I will give something in return, like some sort of trade, no money but something to remind them that they are amazing, respected, strong and amazing persons.
Make someones weight on the shoulders weigh a little less by lending them my ears, or showing the world they’re not the problem or weirdos.
And maybe wake up a few people, so they start and act more in a general state of respect and loving others.
Maybe make people aware of problems that normaly don’t even enter their living rooms.
Or just make them start thinking , planting the seed.

Anarchy and Rebellion is more then trowing a molotov cocktail to a police officer, it’s spreading the fire inside our hearts and move like an unbreakable front together for the same cause, and that’s making a better place for all of us.

No racism, No facissim, No Capitalism, No discrimination,
No fences, No borders.

More information about the idea and plan will be posted soon ,
stay tuned.